Porch Full of Pumpkins

Kasi and I bought some pumpkins today. We searched high and low to find 5 perfect ones to add to the one that we had bought 3 weeks ago. I carved our last name in that one a few nights ago, and the kids still each needed their own to make jack-o-lanterns out of. The ideal pumpkins had to be fat enough and HAD to have stems. Then we brought them home and hosed them off before placing them lovingly on the porch steps. As you can see, at one point, I had 7 pumpkins on my porch…my favorite little pumpkin was sitting in the center 😉 What a cutie pie my Kasi girl is.

She insisted on giving HUGS to the “Jablecki” one and the one that she will be carving next week 🙂

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