Happy 60th Birthday to My Beautiful Mom :)

On Sunday, July 5th, I arranged for a 60th Birthday Celebration for my Mom. Scott, Mike, Megan, Steve, the kids and I threw Mom a party and Cheryl, DJ, Tracey and Glenn came as surprise guests:) She enjoyed it very much. Here she is with her 5 grand-kids 🙂

Mom on her 60th Birthday

The cake I made her 🙂

She’s “Aged to Perfection”

Our gift for Mom (from all of her kids & step-daughters) was her first ever (deluxe) Pedicure! Here she is getting ready for the royal treatment :

The kids and I took Granny to Chappy for on her actual Birthday today, where she was able to relax and enjoy the sand between her newly pedicured toes 🙂

It has been a wonderful treat having Mom here for the past week. I’ve missed having her around SO much since she moved back to Maine. 🙁 My Mom is a dear treasure to me, and I never realized or appreciated what a gift she is…until she was gone again. 🙁 I hope to go to a movie a night this week with her…just the 2 of us 🙂 That will so much fun. 🙂 Life is so short and this past year I’ve really seen how it can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. I’m really trying to focus on making the most of the time I have with my family. When Mom blew out her Birthday candles, I made my own wish…I can’t say it out loud, or it might not come true…but it has something to do with her…the Cape…and forever 😉

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mom. 🙂

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