Happy 9th Birthday to My Shawny Boy…

Shawn Michael is 9 Years old today! Wow, where has the time gone? He is such a sweet and loving boy and I’m so very proud of who he is.

Shawn Michael on his 9th Birthday

We had his friend party on Sunday with 9 of his best buddies. I made my little athlete and fellow Sox fan this cake with lots of love:

Shawn 9th Birthday Cake - Made With Love by Mom

Red Sox cake 🙂

I just wanted to steal a moment away to focus my thoughts on my amazing son. If I were to describe him these are a few of the words I would choose (in no particular order): helpful, sensitive, thoughtful, amazing memory, caring, human compass, athlete, adventurous, funny, Daddy’s helper, Disney fan, camper, friendly, compassionate and loving. Shawn loves nothing more than to be a helper. He can remember the tiniest of details–he has an incredible memory. Shawn can find directions to anywhere (unlike his Mom). 🙂 He has super high pain tolerance, yet a marshmallow heart (like his Dad). He shares his Mom’s love for all things Disney and enjoys camping at Bear Pond and Washburn Island. Shawn is a wonderful son and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

It appears that the sun may be trying to make an appearance, and Shawn wants to go to the beach. This evening will be his family party and I’ll insert some more photos then.

Well, that didn’t go so well. We drove to the beach so Shawn could bridge jump for the first time (with Mom of course). As soon as we got to Chapoquoit Rd, it started lightning and thundering. 🙁 Oh well. Hopefully the sun will decide to come out and play this summer.

We had one of Shawn’s favorites for dinner: haystacks 🙂 Then he had ice-cream and cupcakes. His plate had a little surprise on it … a big Whatchamacallit (his fave) 🙂

Then he got his new bike, which he’s been begging for. His knees knock on his old bike.

Happy, Happy 9th Birthday Shawny Boy 🙂

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