Time Alone Together…

I’ve been talking to Steve about taking a trip … just the 2 of us. Granted, with finances the way they are, the trip may be across the water to Martha’s Vineyard or something….but that would be wonderful. We realize that we have spent so many of our days consumed with the children…and we don’t put each other first. We believe that our kids are supposed to come very high on our priority lists and they do…but somehow we have neglected each other in that process. So, we are in the process of finding time alone…together. 🙂 That’s a bit of an oxymoron I suppose.

Originally for our 10th Anniversary (this October), we had dreams of traveling to the Caribbean. Aruba was the destination. Then, reality (finances) hit…and we’ve scaled back a bit. Our 10th will be Columbus Day weekend (just like when we were married). We’re considering driving to Vermont or New Hampshire to enjoy the foliage. He wants to golf, I want to just “be”. Time with my Steve…no demands, no activities to drive to for the kids, no homework, no dinner to cook…nothing. How magical.

In the meantime, we’ve been working on spending more time with each other at home. We both get off the computers at 11pm. Sierra’s lights are to be OFF by 10 (usually she doesn’t get them off until 10:30 though). Then at 11, we can sit and chat for a bit. Recap the day, snuggle, whatever…just be alone…together.

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