Clear Vision

Look at these beautiful blue eyes 🙂

Wow, what a week this has been. Last Friday (the 13th!), Jared was injured while playing backyard baseball with Shawn and his buddy. Thankfully, they were using tennis balls. He took a linedrive to the eye (playing baseball with a tennis ball). He was about 3 feet away and the fast pitch/hit nailed him directly on the eye itself. He had blood in the blue part of his iris (the lens). His pupils were also different sizes. He was placed on strict bedrest for a week, and no gym for a week after that. He isn’t allowed to read, use the computer or even eat out of bed. He is allowed up only to use the bathroom. The goal is to prevent the eye from re-bleeding, which could cause even further damage (including a retinal detachment). He has an eye-patch and drops for now. We returned to the Opthamalogist on Monday. According to the doctor, we then entered the “critical period”, as days 3-5 are the time when a retina could/would detach. Therefore, it’s imperative that he stay put. He told us they used to hospitalize kids for this kind of injury, “giving them a double eye-patch and keeping them flat in a hospital bed”. Thankfully, we are able to have him do what he needs to at home and Jared understands the importance of doing everything they tell him to. Focusing on things within arms reach are the most damaging, so still no reading, computer, texting, etc. He has been given the “ok” for TV, which made Jared happy. No showering until day 6. There are still trace red blood cells, but those appear to be re-absorbing. His vision is a bit off in that eye (can’t read the eye chart except for the top row without assistance). However, that can be addressed later if it needs to be. There is still a chance that the eye will continue to heal on it’s own and he won’t require corrective help. We go back tomorrow (Friday) at 10:15 and he is to remain in bed until then.

He’s been a good sport about it all, still putting on his green shirt on St. Patty’s Day, and trying to remain as big a part of things as he can (from the vantage point of the living room couch).

I’ve been pretty stressed out with all of this. 🙁 I keep a brave face on in front of Jared, and try really hard not to let myself think the worst.
I’ve asked everyone I know to pray for healing. I know God answers prayers, when it is in his plan. If learning to be more aware of their surroundings was the lesson to be learned…the boys have definitely gotten that point.
Maybe learning to be grateful the things we take for granted (like clear vision) was the point of all of this. If so, I’d like to think we all are counting our blessings a little more.
Today, is day 6…and his sight is still intact. Amen! That is a HUGE relief. Now we just keep him calm to prevent a re-bleed, and hope his vision comes back 100%. Like I said, it’s been a rough week.

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