It's all in the presentation…

In continuing with our Christmas traditions, I am on my way upstairs to spend some time with the Santa wrap.

In our home, Santa Claus brings the kids one gift each and he fills their stockings with goodies. The gift is left on the fireplace under the stockings. Santa doesn’t bring the biggest or the best gift…but it’s something neat. We feel our kids should appreciate people they can thank in person for their gifts 😉 After all, a LOT of thought, work and love goes into finding the perfect Christmas gifts. Santa’s gifts are always wrapped in special paper. This paper has pictures of Santa all over it, and no other wrap under the tree has Santa on it. The kids can tell right away which gifts are from him that way. This paper is never seen in our home–ever. It has been determined that Santa must wrap the gifts that are found in the stockings and on the fireplace at the North Pole. The tags that he puts on the kids gifts also have Santa’s picture on them…and there are no other tags like that to be found anywhere around these parts. Wonder where it comes from?

Pretty cool guy that Santa Claus. I think Mrs. Claus must have something to do with all of this Memory Making too 🙂

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