Full Circle…

This is “Holidays-by-the-Sea” weekend in town.

The official kick-off of my favorite time of year. This morning my mother and I went to church for a “Ladies Wreath Making” event. I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. Somewhere along the bumpy road of the past 24 years, my Mom lost her Holiday spirit. I won’t get into the details, since it isn’t productive to look backwards. Suffice to say, it is magically holly-jolly to see it emerging again. Making wreaths is quite the task, I had no idea how involved it was. Here’s Mom getting starting on selecting her balsam and box-berry

We enjoyed 2.5 hours of fun together. Then headed out with our works of art…


After I got home, Steve, the kids and I headed out to cut down the perfect Christmas tree. We plan to decorate that tonight. Right now, however, I must go … we are heading to the official Lighting of the Tree in town. Bells will be ringing, carolers will be singing…Mom will be there.

Like the shape of a wreath, she’s coming full circle.

Yeah, we’ll keep looking forward…it’s much more exciting. 🙂


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