Happy Birthday to Me…

I turned 37 years old today. It was a typical Saturday around here…soccer, soccer, more soccer. The air was chilly at the Heights…but it was a beautiful, sunny day nonetheless. I love that soccer field, you can watch your children kick the ball and then turn around and see the ocean across the street. Such a pretty piece of paradise. After the games, we came home to relax (?!) for the afternoon.

The day was made even more wonderful by the presence of my Mom. I don’t recall the last time my Mom was able to bake me a birthday cake!! How cool is that?! She and Curly treated us to pizza for dinner and a Granny-made strawberry cake with coffee ice-cream (my 2 faves).

The kids each made me special cards. 🙂 Kasi colored hers blue and told me it was the ocean…”because you love the beach” she said. She sure knows her Mommy. 🙂 Malia made me an adorable card with a heart and flower on the front. Inside she wrote, “I love you Mommy. I hope you have a great birthday”. She drew a star, heart, monkey, flower and a road. The road leads to a castle…Cinderella’s castle to be exact. 😉 She sure knows her Mommy too 🙂 Shawn made me a creative card. It is “3D” with me standing on grass, surrounded by hearts. He wrote: “I love you so much Mommy. I could never like a mom better than you. Happy 37th Mommy. I just know it will be good. Happy Birthday Mommy. from, Shawn.” What a special son he is. 🙂 Jared drew me a heartfelt card with hearts and Mickey on the front. Inside he wrote: “If I could do two hero projects, I would pick you because of what you do for our family. You not only feed us and let us do sports and activities, you bring us to amazing places where we can make family memories like Disney World.” I’m blessed with TWO special sons. 🙂 Sierra made me a unique card with foam stickers all over it. Inside she wrote: “Thanks for being such a great Mom, I love you and appreciate everything you do. I hope you had a wonderful day”. Quite the special oldest daughter I have too, huh?! I have truly been five times blessed. 🙂 Actually, make that 6 times blessed…Steve bought me 2 pretty tops from Ann Taylor for my (hopefully upcoming) Disney trip. 🙂 He got me the sweetest card ever. He sure loves me, and the feeling is quite mutual. 🙂

Blowing out the candles on my cake…I made a wish or two. 😉 I’ve been so blessed, most of my dreams have already come true, though. 🙂 Healthy, beautiful, fantastic kids…an amazing husband…my Mom living nearby…yeah, it’s been a pretty good year. 🙂 Something came to mind that I could wish for. I won’t give you all of the specifics…because then it might not come true. 🙂

My thoughts have been CONSUMED by the Disney interview. It is next Thursday (the 30th) at 2:15pm. I am a bundle of nerves…and yet, I am confident that I would be an asset to them. I found a quote this evening that is going to be my mantra this week:

“See, it’s just like I told you. Wishes can come true, if you believe in them with all your heart. And the best part is you’ll never run out of Wishes. They’re shining deep down inside of you. And that, my friends,is where the magic lives.” Jiminy Cricket

Here’s hoping 37 is my most Magical year yet!! 🙂

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