Nine Years…

Yesterday was our 9th Anniversary. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that we were married. Other times, it feels like it’s all I’ve even known…to love and be loved by Steve. Life wasn’t always kind to me, but God blessed the broken road that brought Steve and I together. These days, I prefer to leave the past where it belongs…buried, deep in the past. Suffice to say, “To the jerks in my past…thanks for the lessons you taught me”. Nothing worth having comes easily. Peace…so hard to find, so worth having.

Kasi and I baked my “famous chocolate chip cookies” yesterday. She was so cute in her little apron, standing on her stool, helping me with the mixer. She suggested we make him a “really big one”. We made a few dozen for everyone, and then a big heart-shaped one for Daddy. I said, “do you know why I made him a heart”? Her response, “because he loves his whole flamily”. I smiled…”you’re right, and his whole family loves him too.” “Yup, a whole bunch”, she said. The cookies were supposed to be a surprise for Daddy…but when we ran to the store, he apparently came home and discovered them on the counter. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts. We added some chocolate frosting to the heart cookie…and it was good to go.

He brought some flowers to me, they were beautiful. I got him some peanut-butter/chocolate fudge. 🙂

Sierra’s game was rescheduled and she got off early. So, we ordered pizza for the kids, let them have some cookies…and Steve and I headed to Siena for a quick dinner together. We had a great meal, and enjoyed some time to just talk. We caught up on the happenings in our extended families…and chatted about our kids. We were home in time to put the kids to bed.

While we were out, I told Steve about what Jared shared with me today. He has to write a project for English on his “hero”. He chose Steve. I can’t wait to see what he writes. I could write a novel about why Steve is my hero…but straight from the heart of a 12-year-old boy who Steve has loved since he was 2…who’s presence has made all the difference…this promises to be priceless.

The card Steve chose for me was beautiful, and the sentiment was perfect: “How many can say they have a true partner, friend and lover that they can count on in good times and bad? How many can say their love is even stronger for all they’ve been through together? Only a lucky few…like me.” Then he wrote, “Thanks for all you do to make our lives and family so special. Love Always, Steve.”

Nine years…who knew a lifetime could be measured in such a short period of time. Looking forward to eternity together.

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