Meet the Teachers…

Last night was “Meet the Teacher” night at Shawn and Malia’s school. Malia’s meeting was first. She has a wonderful teacher, who is exactly where she wants to be…teaching Kindergarten. We heard what a busy day they have, and were given “About Me” books. I took a few photos of pages of Malia’s…she is quite the little budding artist. :)� I love all the details on her “My family” page. She told me later that I’m wearing a dress…phew, I thought she had made me fat 😉 LOL. Love Daddy’s long legs, too.

Her “my favorite meal” is classic. Nice details…love the watermelon, cheese pizza, strawberry, mac and cheese, strawberry lemonade, cupcake and TWO strawberry ice-cream cones, LOL. Hmm…I think someone likes strawberry like her Mommy.

Also, WOW…what a flamingo! Quite impressive for 6!

🙂 My brown-eyed girl 🙂

Our house…

Mrs. G told me after-wards that she uses Malia as an example all the time…that she is “SUCH a good girl”, listens great, pays attention, tries hard, etc. She said the one thing she is going to work on with M is her apparent fear of being wrong. She won’t answer something if she’s afraid it won’t be the right answer…can’t figure out where she gets her perfectionism from, LOL. Poor kid got a double dose of it.

I would have LOVED to have brought home Shawn’s paper, where he filled in blanks about himself. It gave such nice insight into him and how he views himself. He mentioned a lot about how he likes helping others and being a good friend. I’m so glad he sees himself how we do. 🙂 He has always been our helper…and he loves it as much as we do. 🙂 He also talked about how he is happiest when he is playing sports. I guess that paper is staying in his portfolio that he will be adding to all year, SO I’ll share it in June 😉 He has a ridiculously large class, thankfully his teacher has been teaching for 20 years. I’m really hoping the class size doesn’t affect learning. Mrs. B told me after the meeting that she really enjoys Shawn, that he is very nice, polite and a great helper.

I think it’ll be a great year for both of them 🙂

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