A date…(what’s that?!)

At dinner, Steve turned to me and said…”wanna go out on a date tonight”? OK, this NEVER happens…we just do NOT spend enough time together. About the only time we go out is when my Mom is in town to watch the kids. I thought he was joking, since we had just finished dinner. However, at 9:30, he said it again. So, with the youngest 4 in bed…we gave Sierra use of our computer in exchange for her keeping an eye on things.

We went to Bobby Byrnes Pub and had a few drinks. I was happy to have 2 strawberry daiquiris and he had 3 beers. We also shared some potato skins. The best part though, was that we were together. Just the 2 of us. Did I mention that this never happens?? 🙁 It was so nice to sit across the table from my handsome husband and chat. Nothing too important or memorable…just sharing a few laughs and some time to ourselves. We really need to do this more often…we say that all the time…but, really, we do. Life is too short and we have been blessed with a rare relationship. I married my best friend and I miss him. Guess I’ll get off the computer and go snuggle.

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