In loving memory of Stacey McDaniel

Almost 9 years ago, I became pregnant with my amazing son, Shawn. During that pregnancy, I joined an online community of Moms…all due in July of 2000. Those women have become sisters to me…we’ve helped each other through countless trials, celebrated births, held each others “virtual” hands and today…we all mourn the loss of our beloved friend, Stacey McDaniel. In 2003, Stacey was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was 28 at the time, and a mother of 4. She was pregnant with her fifth child at the time. She spent the last 5 years battling this horrible cancer…never wanting to let it get the best of her. She beat it twice…and it came back. Stacey drew her strength from her precious children. She had been through unbelievably difficult personal situations, and persevered. Stacey fought, and she fought. She wanted nothing more than to be there for her children…forever. I remember her posting this past Spring that she wanted to make it through Saylors birthday…then Avery’s…it was like she found an upcoming “target” date to cling to. Made it through that, then found a new one. She went through an enormous amount of pain…and could have given up at any time…but she didn’t…she wouldn’t. She lived for her children and I pray that Saylor, Avery, Bailey, Logan and Kelsey will always KNOW how very much their Mom loved them. I believe she will be watching them from above and she will always be by their side. The world lost an amazing person today. I will forever remember Stacey for her strength, her courage, her tenacity, her humor, her optimism and her friendship. God Bless You, Stacey. I miss you already. 🙁

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