Fall back

I guess I haven’t done too well with this “blogging thing”. The best of intentions…and yet, so little time. School started a week ago today, and I am determined to find some time each week to jot down my thoughts. Sierra seems to be getting into a groove finally with school. She didn’t seem to like any of her classes in the beginning…but is settling in and finding that she enjoys psychology and a few other things. Jared is embracing Junior High and all of the changes it brings with it. Shawn is “blah” about second grade…I’m hoping he’s just bored with the review stage and will find that he enjoys it soon. Malia is head-over-heels for Kindergarten. She informed me on the first day that she “can’t count as high as how long she’s been waiting” for that day. She fills me in on all the little details each afternoon, and seems happy as can be. She did mention a little trouble navigating the playground social scene yesterday…apparently if someone is already playing with someone…back off. I told her there’s no reason 3 people can’t play together…but they haven’t figured that out yet. She’ll be okay though, I have faith. Kasi and I are just hanging out together. She has gymnastics on Mondays and swimming on Friday afternoons. We’ve just been enjoying each others company and working on writing the letter “K for Kasi.” 🙂

I love Fall…the changing foliage, colors, crisp air, routines, apples and pumpkins. As much as I really enjoyed Summer this year, it is definitely time to get back into routines. I’m hoping to carpool with some other Mom’s though, since Sierra has Field Hockey 5-6 days a week until 5:15 and Jared now has soccer everyday after school until 4:30. I feel bad for Shawn, Malia and Kasi who get brought all over town every day when they just want to chill out at home.

Well, Kasi girl is wanting my attention…so I’m off. Hopefully I’ll get back on here more often.

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